About Us

We are no different than you. We love cryptocurrency and the security and opportunity it offers. Like some of you I was introduced to bitcoin by my friend in High School back in 2010. I was instantly addicted to mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. I collected a lot of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies and they are now resting in my wallets growing in their vlaue every second. I love crypto so much that I can't stop looking at the prices for 1 second. That's when I decide to explore my passion for Cryptocurrencies by creating this merch store for people like you and me.
Bitcoin Merch Outlet which is an e-market place where cryptocurrency lovers like us are offered with varied products at reasonable prices with outstanding and attention holding quality. If you are looking to find some awesome bitcoin/crypto Merch then this is the right place to discover a new world and get amazed by our service. Through our portal we sell T-shirts, Phone Cases, Sweat Shirts, Hoodies, Jewelry, Coins, Stickers etc. Our motto is to provide a platform where all the like minded people can shop their lovable items. Our outlet is an appropriate place for people seeking love for creativity. We do not promise moon and stars but we definitely promise you an astonishing experience of shopping with us.